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Confused Masculinity

We monitor our performance through listening to members feedback, ensuring your satisfaction remains our primary goal. We value this feedback, as it helps us gauge the impact our services truly have. Thus, we would love to hear your thoughts about our services. Contact Us: via our Contact-Form, Email or Phone.

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Social Change

Exploring the myriad of human behaviour through the lens of behavioural, cognitive, individual and social psychology; illuminated through a neuroscientific lens, incorporating collaborative theoretical and empirical research, provide great insight into human behaviour and neuropsychological conditions. Potent words carries man & woman to lands afar  in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, a collaborative approach that enhances

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Life entwines us within a myriad of situations that encompass a vast array of perceptions; sensory pathways transmit this information for cognitive processing; including conscious and subconscious perceptions, within nanoseconds. Thus, the importance of scrutinising schemas and cognitive biases, that influence our self-construal and ABCs. Research emphasises the integral role our self-construal plays in society,

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Cognitive bias and selective attention are thought process patterns typically involved in both the development and maintenance of the depression; people tend to focus on negative stimuli more than positive or neutral ones i.e., selective attention. Amongst the depressive symptomatology, is a tendency to exacerbate situations as worse than they are in reality i.e., cognitive

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Our Eyes

Our eyes are the first thing people notice & last they forget, commonly referred to as windows to the soul,  and considered the allure of attraction. Since the beginning of time, women have sought methods of personal beautification, beyond the physical benefits what is the psychosocial motivation behind this historical trend? Traditional researcher attributed motivation

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MH Services

Mental Health (MH) services include local therapist and facilitator in-person therapy Inc. cognitive behaviour therapies (CBT) and medications, alongside online resources including support workshops, online courses and an array of MH websites. A-Z of Treatment Options:

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Psychophysiology is the scientific study of the interrelationships between, physiological and psychological aspects of the human mind & behaviour. Research in Psychophysiology, typically includes psychological independent variables and physiological dependent variables. Such variables include, hemodynamic and electromagnetic brain imaging, alongside peripheral measures such as respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) i.e.,  heart rate variability in synchrony with

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Social Groups

Social influence is highlighted in the person vs. situation debate, regarding the formation of societal construct and cultural assimilation i.e., when a minority adopts the values, behaviours and/ or the beliefs of another group. Whilst, social behaviour is devised into cognitive i.e., rationalised thinking, or social emotional processes, that form an integral aspect of social

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