Our eyes are the first thing people notice & last they forget, commonly referred to as windows to the soul,  and considered the allure of attraction. Since the beginning of time, women have sought methods of personal beautification, beyond the physical benefits what is the psychosocial motivation behind this historical trend?

Traditional researcher attributed motivation to, a desire to attract a mate, whilst recent research has highlighted the feel good factor, associated with feeling confident in our physical image, influenced by social and personal factors. The eyes play a key role in our self presentation to others, because feeling confident to make eye contact with others, effects our social, vocational, and personal relationships Inc.  the impression we are/are not confident communicators, or shaping others perception of our transparency (or honesty) when communicating. Whilst being a key factor in the process of physical attraction.  Thus our eyes play a major role in both our sense of self-image, and others perception of us.