Life entwines us within a myriad of situations that encompass a vast array of perceptions; sensory pathways transmit this information for cognitive processing; including conscious and subconscious perceptions, within nanoseconds. Thus, the importance of scrutinising schemas and cognitive biases, that influence our self-construal and ABCs.

Research emphasises the integral role our self-construal plays in society, and social group dynamics, insight into our self constructs, can enhance our social relations, cultural influences impact our construal. Collectivism promoting cohesion ‘we’ as opposed to me i.e., an interdependent self-construal, is prevalent in the east. Whilst, an independent self-construal is promoted in the western hemisphere.

Our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, and beliefs through introspective examination forms self-knowledge, acquiring self-construal through intrinsic evaluation and extrinsic comparison of others. Heuristics occurs through incorrect inferences i.e., misattribution, to account for our ABCs e.g., attributing extrinsic causal theory i.e., socially learnt, to explain inner motivations or aversions