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Interview Tips

If you recall your worst interview experience to date, what comes to mind? When considering reasons why things didn't go as well as they could have, it is likely that you perhaps felt unprepared. As the saying goes 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail', and so preparation is imperative to feeling confident and self assured

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Business Start-ups

Fist of all, well done for taking the initiative to think outside the box, and breaking free from the shackles of social-norms, to emerge a mind warrior, ready to take on the industrial world...Bravo! In the interests of maintaining a non-biased balance - the grass isn't always greener. However,  rainbows really do exist, and the

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The Brain

The brain contains around 1 trillion cells and accounts for approximately 2% of the total body weight, the outer wrinkly layer is called the cerebral cortex, which divides into two hemispheres connected by the corpus callosum, each hemisphere sub-divides into four lobes (e.g., the frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital lobes); the brain has three

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Work Projects

The Star Approach to work projects: Situation Describe a difficult situation to give context Task Explain what you needed to do, and challenges you faced Action Explain the  action you took, reference any applicable teamwork and/or leadership virtues Results Explain the outcome of your actions Evaluation What were your thoughts upon reflection?  

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