Our skin, body & mind are interconnected, a healthy body is a prerequisite for healthy skin, the food in our diet determines our vitamins and minerals intake, and the levels of water we consume, plays a major role in our skins level of hydration and regeneration. Whilst engaging in regular exercise offers a multitude benefit, from boosting circulation to enhancing the regeneration of our cells.

Living a modern lifestyle, can create barriers to setting and maintaining healthy goals e.g., daily demands on our time, and depleted energy levels. Whilst stressors increase circulating androgens e.g., cortisol and adrenalin, which can make us appear fatigued, and in the long run contributes to prematurely ages our skin and body.

‘You time’ – Although taking retreats away from our busy schedules, to enable our body and mind to recuperate is not easy. We truly believe that setting aside 1-hour per/week of ‘me time’ to completely relax and allow ourselves to be pampered, enables the mind, body, and skin in unison, to be replenished and re-energised.

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